August 23, 2021


Accra Best Tourist Attractions – Explore The Country Like Never Before!

Ghana is known as “West Africa’s Beginners’ Paradise.” having traveled the country, I can easily see why. The welcoming country allows visitors to experience the thrill of traveling to West Africa while providing desirable amenities such as air conditioning and well-stocked grocery stores. 

The capital of Ghana, Accra is a vibrant city. There is something for everyone here, with wonderful beaches, amazing nightlife, vibrant bazaars, and intriguing art galleries. Africa is a huge continent with many fascinating spots to visit. Ghana, located on the Gulf of Guinea, is a lovely country in West Africa. Feeling Mesmerized? Plan your getaway, make delta airlines booking in any class and save up to 45% off on every flight and explore Accra in order to know more about the country.

It’s recognised for both its natural environment by the sea and the colourful people that live there. The city’s various beaches, particularly Labadi Beach, are popular with visitors.

Accra is home to the National Museum, which has historical artefacts from all around the world. The National Theatre, the International Trade Fair, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial, Independence Square, and W.E.B. D. may all be visited.

Nzulezu Ghana 

It is one of Ghana’s most beautiful and distinctive locations. In English, the name means ‘water’s surface.’ The residences are built on stilts and are erected on top of a lagoon. It is a must-see location for anybody interested in learning about the village’s creativity and way of life. Tourists may now enjoy leisure time in hotels perched over the lagoon. Tourists can enjoy swimming, diving, boating etc at this place with beautiful surroundings.

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Mole National Park 

In Ghana, this is the spot to go on a family safari. Mole National Park is home to African elephants, buffaloes, baboons, warthogs, and cob antelope, as well as a huge grassland. Around 100 animal species and at least 300 bird species may be found here. You may go on a walking or jogging safari in the park, and if you don’t have your own car, you can hire one. The greatest time to observe elephants is between December and April, however you will see lots of other animals throughout the year.

Browse Contemporary Art at Artists Alliance Gallery

Accra’s Artists Alliance gallery will astound anybody interested in modern art. Massive metal sculptures, old Asaho flags, prickly textiles, furniture, and magnificent facades abound. This three-story gem was created by Abled Glover, one of Ghana’s most well-known painters.

Labadi Beach

Labadi, arguably Accra’s most popular beach, is the ideal city beach. There’s great cuisine and beverages to be had, as well as live music and people watching. The beach is maintained by the nearby hotels, therefore people who are not staying there should be aware that there is a modest admission fee.


Jamestown is a tough but dynamic neighborhood of Accra. There is a ton of history to explore, with both the British and the Portuguese leaving behind a cultural and architectural legacy. The Jamestown community is close and the atmosphere is lively. There aren’t many markers to explain the context of the history you’re viewing, so a guide is a welcome addition, but certainly not necessary. 

Paga Crocodile Pond

We don’t know much about crocodiles since we are either afraid of them or don’t want to meet them. However, this refuge was created to house crocodiles, and visitors will be able to see several of them here. The crocodiles that dwell here are really rather friendly with the people that come to see them. Tourists may feed and interact with crocodiles. The establishment values and honors its crocodiles, and no one is allowed to harm them.

Take a Tour of Historic Jamestown

Jamestown, on the coast, is a lovely area without a lot of history and a lot of poverty. These include Portuguese and British colonial structures, vividly colored shops and shacks, and the Ramshackle Gym, which is known for producing some of Ghana’s greatest boxers. Climb to the top of the district’s Famous red-and-white lighthouse for a bird’s eye perspective over Jamestown’s vibrant finishing port. 

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Discover the National Museum 

The Ghana National Museum is split into three sections: anthropology, archaeology, and art. Above all, it is a great site to learn about the terrible history of the slave trade across the Atlantic. You may learn about the famous royal Ashanti stool and witness how Kante fabric is made. Musical instruments, as some contemporary paintings, are on show. 


It attracts backpackers and volunteers looking to unwind on the beach for a few days at a time. Basua, about 30 kilometers from Takoradi town and halfway between Dixkov and Buttrey, offers excellent excursion potential, making it a good base camp. Many of Ghana’s beaches feature high surf, making swimming dangerous, but the seas of Busua are just as laid-back as the town’s atmosphere.


The city that was the former capital of Ghana during the existence of the Ashanti Empire and is also the second-largest city in the country. Kumasi, with its throngs of people and massive market, is a tourist’s dream. The gold decorations, thorn cloth, and wooden chairs make the location noteworthy. As a result, those who prefer shopping will enjoy this location due to the numerous stores and craft shops located arond the city.

Kokrobite Beach

When you’re in Ghana, this is another beach that will catch your eye. Because the location is only 30 kilometers from Accra, visitors may combine their trips. The African Academy of Music and Arts draws a large number of people who are interested in the creative side of life to this site. A resort with a wonderful view of the beach may be booked. Alternatively, they might go for a day excursion and enjoy the wonderful sunny beach.


So, here are some of Ghana’s must-see attractions. All of them are well worth your time, and you should make an effort to see them all. The internet will assist you in learning more about the location, making it easy for you. So, book your trip to Ghana with AirlinesMap and explore the most gorgeous places in the beautiful land before you die.


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