December 28, 2021


A Guide to Using Excel for Basic Project Management Practices and the Best Templates You can Put to Use

Although Excel isn’t necessarily the tool built for project management, its templates can be more useful than you’d imagine. After all, it being one of the most applied tools in all of the world’s businesses is not for nothing. Are you planning to start off as a Project Management Professional® and aren’t sure how to use Excel for your practices instead of investing in any expensive software and tools? This article is for you as it also tells you why you need a PMP® certification.

When Can Excel be Your Ideal Management Tool?

For complex organizational workings, you will need to invest in a proper project management tool, unless you are okay with taking expensive risks on the organization’s behalf. However, Excel can be your perfect project management tool if:

  • You are working alone or with a limited team of a few members, preferably in a smaller enterprise.
  • You want to skip the immersive learning process with a professional management tool and work on a more simple platform for your basic project management tasks.
  • If you are starting off fresh and cannot afford an expensive platform for your tasks.

However, if you find your process is getting limited by Excel’s limitations, it is best to reconsider your software. There are other viable and cost-effective options in the market, you just have to find the one that suits your method and workings.

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Top 5 Excel Project Templates That You’d Want to Implement in Your Process

Work Breakdown Structure

Visual aid is always more helpful in the completion of tasks. Working on the same idea, the Work Breakdown Structure Template is an excellent tool to help you organize your project into deliverables, tasks, and subtasks, helping you attend your action plan more easily with effortless management.

Project Budget

Mostly fit for small to mid-range projects, the budget template is an easily accessible tool where you can outline plain to more complicated budgets for every undertaken project- listing expenses, incomes, and other items you need.

Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart template for excel is another excellent visualization tool that helps you undertake simple to complicated project management practices. It’ll help you track your progress, distribute work and schedule responsibilities equally, and so on.

Action Plan

What is a key feature to a successfully planned project? It’s an action plan. This template is well equipped to fit your purpose, making for an excellent project planner and charter helping you perform essential tasks like visualizing your workflow with kanban boards, monitoring progress, prioritizing and assigning tasks and resources, and so on.

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Hopefully, you find this helpful. And if you are facing trouble on your path of becoming an able PMP®, make sure you attend a well laid out course where with a reputed PMP Training, you can gain an intricate knowledge of not only working with Excel but other excellent tools and software, helping ease your process significantly.


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