August 3, 2011


A gastronomic journey through the world’s cuisines from Israeli Businessman David Kaplan

Traveling around the world, studying the nature, sights, and culture of foreign countries, we certainly try to taste all the variety of world cuisine. Traditional foreign dishes can tell a lot about the people who inhabit this or that country, about their habits and customs.

Unfortunately, trips abroad are often costly, and not everyone can afford to go, for example, to Italy to try authentic Italian pizza. The restaurant business development allows residents of one country to try various national cuisines of the world without leaving their homeland.

Israeli businessman David Kaplan has always worked hard to develop his business. But when the opportunity arises to relax, he travels the world, collecting photos, impressions, emotions, and taste sensations from the tastes of foreign cuisine in his piggy bank of memories.

It is probably impossible to count how many things David Kaplan tried in the world. He already has his rating, TOP-10 of his favorite dishes, and dishes he recommends you try. Some of them are pretty common, widespread, and accessible to everyone. But everything ingenious is simple.

  1. Hummus.


As you know, David Kaplan was born in a traditional Jewish family. Israeli cuisine is a bright mix of Eastern, European and Jewish dishes. And no matter how many frills entrepreneurs later tried around the world, he remained devoted to the traditional Jewish hummus.

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In Arab countries, the dish is served as a cold appetizer or sauce for vegetables, but it is considered an independent dish in Israel, including hot. Hummus is made from boiled chickpeas, flavored with tahini paste and lemon juice. Kaplan especially loves hummus with juicy tomatoes and fresh herbs.


  1. Australian meat pie


This is a traditional snack for Australian football fans. Although Kaplan is not a football fan, the puff pastry pie stuffed with minced meat or minced meat did not leave the entrepreneur indifferent. In addition to the meat component, onions, mushrooms, and cheese are added. Wine and spices create a unique aroma: black pepper, nutmeg, Worcester sauce. The size of the pie is small, literally the size of the palm of your hand. But the aftertaste is unique.


  1. Tom Yum


In Asian cuisine, Kaplan favors traditional soups. Hot and sour soup with shrimp, chicken, fish or other seafood is Thai soup. The combination of broth, ginger, lemongrass with coconut milk, and seafood gives a unique taste and aroma. There are many varieties of this dish in Thailand, depending on the type of meat used. But still, the classic tom yum is with shrimp. His David prefers the rest.


  1. Ramen


No less famous and beloved by much Asian soup from Japan is ramen. Traditionally, wheat noodles with seasonal vegetables and meat in salty, fatty meat or fish broth with additional sauces such as soy or miso give the dish a brighter taste. It is delicious and also helpful.

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  1. Peking Duck


The entrepreneur’s Asian preferences are continued by the traditional Peking duck, cooked without fail in the oven until golden brown. The correct serving of a dish in a good restaurant is when the cook takes out the duck and cuts it into small pieces right in front of your eyes — delicious duck with thin flatbreads, sweet sauce, cucumbers, and garlic. And most importantly, Kaplan recommends eating duck skin with sugar. Dipping it in sugar, you will genuinely enjoy this unforgettable taste.


  1. Arancini


Speaking of Italy, we immediately imagine slices of pizza with stretchy cheese or great pasta with different sauces and toppings. Often, trying to try all its types, tourists do not taste other equally delicious Italian dishes. David Kaplan opted for arancini. This Sicilian dish is rice balls stuffed with minced meat, mozzarella, green peas, and tomato sauce. They are rolled in breadcrumbs and then fried in olive oil. It turns out crispy on the outside, but very tender on the inside, a dish rarely prepared outside of Italy. However, if the opportunity arises, do not miss it and try arancini. You will not remain indifferent.


  1. Onion soup


French dishes have long been considered true culinary classics and are loved by gourmets worldwide. Onion soup is one of the favorites of French and foreign tourists. Only the French can do it from one vegetable (far from the most remarkable) to create a masterpiece, fully revealing its taste. The soup turns out incredibly thick, fragrant, warming.

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In restaurants, cheese, pieces of baguette are often added to the soup. In this form, Kaplan likes this soup even more.

  1. Paella


Tasty, bright, with pieces of meat or seafood, juicy tomatoes, and fragrant olive oil, generously seasoned with saffron, paella is a cult Spanish dish served in the best restaurants in the world. What’s more, it can be prepared as a sumptuous meal or as a simple meal, depending on the ingredients and the mood. Kaplan likes this especially strongly.

  1. Pancakes


How to bypass Russian cuisine? Here David Kaplan prefers traditional Russian pancakes. Pancakes with butter and dozens of fillings are tasty: mushrooms, meat, cabbage, potatoes, liver, cottage cheese. The entrepreneur likes them with caviar or even just with honey or sour cream.

  1. Dessert “Anna Pavlova”


A dessert with a seemingly Russian name was invented in Australia during a tour of a famous ballerina there. This meringue-based sweet dish, the “dough” of which is necessarily watery and slightly underbaked inside, combined with whipped cream, creams, mousses, as well as fruits or berries, is light and airy, like the ballet itself, loved not only by Kaplan but also the whole planet.

Israeli businessman David Kaplan tasted all these dishes in his travels and his homeland, and he fell in love with them. Many of them are included in his gastronomic project FUBER. You can find out what products to buy and how to cook delicious dishes at the level of a restaurant chef, spending a minimum of the family budget and time on this. David recommended several such recipes:

  1. Chicken Steak with Peppers and Olives – In just 15 minutes and a taste of $1.65, you can cook this wonderful dish. It is also suitable for those who monitor their diet and lead a healthy lifestyle, as it contains only 196 calories.
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2. Start your breakfast with porridge. Bananas and honey will give energy, saturation, and taste. And all this for $0.53 and 15 minutes of your time.


3. A nutritious lunch in 5 minutes is avocado toast. Fast, very useful, and very healthy. And they will cost you only $0.61.


According to an Israeli businessman, these are the most delicious and recommended dishes. But many others may not be so loved but penetrated deep into the soul of David. And how much more to come! The world’s cuisines are developing amaze us with new ingredients and combinations. This means that there will be unique preferences and recommendations that David Kaplan is happy to share with us.


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