November 25, 2021


7 Best Facebook Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner and founder of Facebook, announced that they were looking to make a future where most of Facebook would be video-oriented in the next five years. That promise is very close to becoming a reality now. Facebook today is among the most popular video-sharing platforms of the current time, with almost half a billion people watching videos every day.

Facebook Stories, Facebook Live, and Facebook Live 360 are some of the platform’s features to boost its video traffic. There is a high chance that when you open Facebook, you see at least one or two videos upfront in either the stories or the feed as posts.

With such great traffic coming its way, Facebook has also become one of the most important destinations for marketers. They get to show their work to their target audience while having the liberty of being more creative and dynamic.

But one cannot get complacent because billions of people are watching the content on Facebook. After all, even then, one doesn’t need to be able to reach them all. This is why today we are going to share a few tips that will make sure that you engage the highest number of audience and make an excellent market for yourself.

  1. Get to the point right away: The first 5 seconds of your video hold the key. Only if you can captivate your audience’s attention in that period will they continue till the end of the video. Scrolling down is the easiest thing to do on the internet, so get to the point as soon as possible. The introduction should be clear and concise, which leaves the audience wanting more. For longer videos, make sure to use the beginning to tell your viewers what they will gain from watching the video.
  2. Don’t make very long videos: Keep the video length short, usually between 15 to 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, the engagement levels take a significant dip. Keep the creativity and information high and the time duration low to ensure that the audience is engaged with your content in the most productive way possible. Multiple things entice the audience so much that the time limit doesn’t matter to them. You need to remember, though, that it is an exception and not the rule.
  3. Keep mobile phones in mind: When you design your video, make sure to address the fact that those videos would be viewed more on mobile phones than computers. Almost everyone uses their phones to browse Facebook these days, which is why most square frame videos are lower on the view counter than the vertical ones. Optimisation for mobile phone usage is hence a must.
  4. Value video and visual effects more than sound: Most people don’t like when a video starts playing loud music as soon as they click on it. It is enough to make most of them scroll down without bothering to watch ahead. Add engaging and creative captions to your videos to make the audience watch for longer and help them understand your video better.
    It will also be good to add emojis, reactions, and other exciting features to a video.
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Take some time out and use the services of a good Facebook video editor to experiment with the addition of multiple things that can help your viewers without needing them to turn on the sound.

Also, the picture that one first sees when they are about to click on the video must be attractive and inviting. A good thumbnail can be the difference between your video being watched or skipped by a potential viewer. So make sure to put in a reasonable amount of effort in designing your thumbnail.

  1. Address each part of “the funnel”: A marketing funnel has three parts – awareness, consideration, conversion. These are the stages that take a person from getting to know about your brand to finally making a purchase. It is only natural that their mind has different thoughts while in each stage, so make sure to create videos catering to each one of them.
    The first stage will have you talk just about your brand and product, and the second will need you to tell them why and how you are better than the competition, and the third one would have to be the most detail-oriented.
    As you go along, personalisation also needs to increase for the audience to continuously engage with your content. Also, remember that all the viewers can be at any stage for every video, so you can never focus on just one of them.
  2. Request promotion and engagement: Make sure to ask your followers to share your content among their peers and also engage with it in greater numbers. Asking them questions and requesting answers in the comments is one of the best ways of increasing engagement. You can tell them that their gesture will help you with your numbers, and they are more likely to follow. The moral satisfaction that people get by being of help to someone almost always works in favor of the creator.
  3. Pay attention to the viewers’ responses: Make sure to check your statistics. Facebook provides you with high-quality stats to see who is engaging with your content, what type of content is being watched the most, how often it is being shared, etc. Keep all these numbers in mind while creating your videos to target a particular group of viewers with what they like to see most.
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Animated explainer video production

Facebook today is unarguably one of the best platforms to share your videos. With a good strategy and the tips mentioned above, you can make the perfect use of its astounding reach in the realm of video marketing. The Facebook algorithms, like most others, also aim to provide people with what interests them the most. Your aim as a marketer is to dish out content that your audience can connect with so that the algorithms favour you. Understanding the audience and giving them the best and most productive experience from beginning to end will ensure that your Facebook video marketing yields excellent results.



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