June 16, 2021


6 Services Offered by An Automotive Locksmith

There’s nothing as bad as being locked out of somewhere you need to be, and that includes your vehicle. Whether you locked your keys in your car, broke it off in the lock, or simply misplaced them, an automotive locksmith can come in handy when you least expect them to.

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Not only does an automotive locksmith unlock your locked car, but they also create new keys to replace lost ones, remove broken keys from inside the locks, and even replace both your car door lock and the ignition system as well.

The automotive industry has gotten complex over the years due to technological changes. And we now have keyless ignition systems, push-to-start ignitions, and keyless doors. However, most cars still use keys because of the security advantage it presents over automated systems that can easily be hacked.

Automotive locksmiths are sort of a monopoly on all things car keys and car security. The demand for automotive locksmiths has never been greater, and below are six of the many services they offer.

    1. Unlocking Locked Cars

When you’re locked out of your car and don’t have the key, how do you get in? How does the locksmith get in without the key too? Any automotive locksmith offering Expert Automotive Locksmith Services has several ways to get into locked cars, and they vary for different vehicles and different lock system cars.

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The most common method is “jimmying” the car lock open. They take a thin piece of metal and slide it between the window of your car and the weather stripping on the car door to access the lock. It’s similar to what thieves do in grand larceny movies. 

This method works best with older cars that still use real keys and aren’t equipped with state-of-the-art alarm systems. For newer cars with more advanced security systems, keys aren’t used but instead rely on keyless remotes. The automotive locksmith will reprogram the codes using a VATS passcode detector so you can access your vehicle.

    2. Removing Broken Keys from Locks

Through natural wear and tear or a sudden wrong turn, car keys can also snap off. It’s not very common, but it happens enough times for this service to be provided by locksmiths. Although it isn’t your fault when your key breaks inside the lock, it’s usually challenging to remove it and not put a damper on the situation, but you won’t be going anywhere until you get it fixed.

When the key snaps in the door or the ignition, automotive locksmiths use key extraction kits and tools to attach the remaining parts inside the lock and remove the key. This extraction kit has a key extraction tool, a thin piece of metal with two little hooks that connect to the remaining bit of the key. Sometimes the tool used is a thin pliers-like tool to grasp both sides of the broken key.

If the key breaks off in the ignitions, don’t try and remove it by yourself. You may damage the ignition system during the extraction process, which will cost you more than just replacing the broken keys.

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    3. Replacing or Duplicating Keys

Automotive locksmiths work on two types of keys specifically. The first are keys that aren’t attached to a fob or electrical piece. These are pretty straightforward to make and aren’t different from getting a duplicate key for your home from a residential locksmith.

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It gets complicated when the keys are attached to a fob. These are also called transponder keys, and they have a chip programmed to that specific key. If the ignition doesn’t read that programmed code on the chip, your car will not start. An automotive locksmith may reprogram identical key fobs to your vehicle or replace the whole system altogether.

    4. Programming Your Car Key

Experienced auto locksmiths can reprogram a transponder key or make a new programmed key to give you an extra key. Most car dealerships also do this, but getting a duplicate key fob from a dealership can get pretty expensive. Auto locksmiths have more reasonable prices for making a transponder key.


Even though most transponder keys and keyless ignition fobs won’t allow you to lock your car while the key is in the vehicle, it’s still a good idea to get a duplicate for safekeeping. If you can have two, why settle for one?

    5. Fixing your Car’s Ignition

Auto locksmiths will fix or replace your car’s ignition system if it fails. In most cases, if your ignition fails, the problem lies with the cylinder your key slides into. Other times, the issues may be a bit more complex, and it requires ignition replacement which most automotive locksmiths are still capable of — wiring and all.

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    6. Fixing Locks on Your Car Doors

Automotive locksmiths can capably fix the locks on your car doors and trunk as well. Locks on cars wear down every time, and if you don’t get ahead of this issue, it may become a security problem for you. Auto locksmiths will also help install fresh locks on your car if the need arises.

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These are some of the most common car lock services offered by automotive lock technicians. Automotive locksmiths may sound like an obsolete job, but when you need their services, you begin to notice how crucial they are to you and your car’s security.

Author Bio: Jessica has been closely studying the changing trends in Lifestyle for quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on it. Currently, she is studying Paragon Locksmith Kirklandauthor.

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