September 22, 2021


6 Best Breitling Watches Designed for Men’s Wrists

Since its inception in the year 1884, Breitling has always been the home of the finest and exquisite chronograph in the horology market. The Swiss company even rose to the top as the best watchmaker in designing top-notch professional watches, particularly with aviator’s watches. The fame of Breitling in the horology industry is no joke as it is constantly grabbing the attention of many watch enthusiasts across the globe, whether novice or expert watch collectors.


Beyond that, Breitling also offers a wide array of high-caliber watch collections to offer to its solid patrons. Each timepiece is tried-and-tested to offer the highest accuracy and precision in timekeeping and offers its distinctive style and identity that you’d be hard-pressed finding to the rest of its competitors. So, if you’re looking for a time-telling tool to invest in this year, opting for these five-six watches we have listed would be a great deal.


1.  Breitling Superocean Heritage II B20

If there is one timepiece from the extensive catalog of Breitling that offers bold, well-defined features, it is indeed the Superocean Heritage II B20. This particular chronograph simply stands out in the crowd due to its superb features and unique styles. It is a watch that every man wishes to own. It features an overall stunning modern black hue to offer a more contemporary and casual appearance.

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Moreover, the Superocean Heritage II B20 is equipped with a water resistance feature of up to 200 meters in-depth, making it more a perfect option if you’re looking for a perfect watch buddy to wear on any of your water sports or activities. With its name “Superocean,” you can always be assured of owning a timepiece that can withstand the pressure and harsh conditions underwater.


2.  Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph

The next watch on the list may not offer a very distinctive style but is still a sought-after piece thanks to its iconic and faultless colors. The Premier B101 Bentley British Racing Green watch features a bold green hue that perfectly justifies its name. It is equipped with refined features like a dial with small seconds, an hour marker, and a 30-minute chronograph. It is one of the best timepieces designed exclusively for mens’ wrists.


3.  Breitling Top Time Limited Edition

Originally, the Top Time Limited Edition watch was so popular in the 1960s. After 50 years, the brand decided to update it into a new version by incorporating a “zorro” dial but still preserving the monograph design of the first version. The upgraded version of Top TIme Limited Edition is now available in a contemporary, sleek version, a timepiece that can be paired to any wardrobe you have on any occasion.

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4.  Breitling Transocean Chronograph

Sought-after for its detailed and unique parts, the Transocean Chronograph deserves to be on your radar. Although its design is inspired by the 1950s, it still offers an entirely contemporary and modern appearance. This timepiece is best known for the readability and reliability of timekeeping; it offers and features a high-performance engine, a snail counter, and applied hour markers. It is a watch that perfectly defines both beauty and functions.


5.  Breitling AVI 1953 Re-Edition

The AVI 1953 re-edition is recognized as a top-notch aviator’s timepiece. This particular chronograph offers superb features like an extra legible dial, a unique engraved rotating bezel, a whopping 300-meter resistance, and many more. Although this is a vintage version already, its excellent features are not. The company ensures to update its parts but still offers the same vibes of the original 1953 version. If you’re fond of a retro and rehashed watch, this AVI 1953 re-edition is just the best fit for you.


6.  Breitling Super Chronomat B01 44

Last but not least, the Super Chronomat B01 44 in the reference RB0136E31Q1S1 offers an exquisite style with excellent functionalities. It features an 18k red gold case which perfectly complements its brown dial and brown rubber strap. It is equipped with in-house caliber 01 movements, a self-winding mechanical movement to offer accuracy and precision in timekeeping, and a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. It is a crowd-favorite watch not just for its functions and reliability in timekeeping but also for its one-of-a-kind appearance.

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Bonus: Reasons Why Breitling Is a Must-Have Watch

It is no news that there are numerous options of Swiss watch brands in the horology market today. But still, we can’t deny that Breitling, one of the oldest watchmakers, has always been on the leading board to offer the best and high-quality timepiece for your needs. The Swiss brand simply never fails to design a time-telling tool with refined details and exceptional features. It is always popularly known as home to some legendary and iconic time-telling piece in the entire watchmaking history. Here are even the five reasons why buying a Breitling watch is a great option and investment.


  1. Breitling watches are equipped with COSC-certified movements to offer the highest accuracy, precision in timekeeping.
  2. Breitling is home to iconic and legendary pilot’s watches.
  3. Breitling uses high-quality materials to create its watches to ensure their durability and built-to-last existence.
  4.  Breitling offers a wide variety of high-caliber watches in its extensive catalog, allowing anyone to pick their preferred watch style.
  5. Breitling’s chronograph holds such an exceptional value in the horology market even for more years to come.


In a Nutshell

There is no doubt that Breitling has a lot to offer on the table. The Swiss brand offers a wide array of top-notch and highly functional chronographs to always exceed the needs of both men and women. Whether you’re looking for a time-telling buddy for land adventure, underwater exploration, or air navigation, Breitling always has something to offer for your wrist.

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With the brand’s expertise in watchmaking, you can always guarantee to experience only the best chronograph on your wrist. You can always check our best six watches recommended above to know more about the brand. Or, you can simply visit Breitling’s official website or, a web-based watch luxury store, for more options.



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