March 7, 2022


5 Interesting facts to know about THC


Cannabis is a product that produces high sensations in the human mind, and THC is the main ingredient that is effective as a psychoactive compound. THC can be consumed by smoking or inhaling cannabis. This compound is also available in various products nowadays. It is available as edibles, oils, capsules, tinctures, and many more. Among 113 cannabinoids, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the compounds that affect the human body with a different sensation.

This article is all about THC and some unknown interesting facts about it. It will also provide some unknown fun facts in the use of THC as Marijuana or weed.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the molecule in marijuana that provides the most psychological effects. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it works similarly to the body’s endocannabinoid system molecules. Cannabinoid receptors are located in parts of the brain that are implicated in pleasure, memory, coordination, and perception of time. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, THC got attached to these receptors and stimulates them, which affects a person’s enjoyment, memory, movements, thinking, coordination, focus, and sensory and time perception.

THC is one of several chemicals found in the resin produced by marijuana plant glands. The reproductive systems of the plant have more of these glands than any other part of the plant. Cannabinoids, which are the unique compound of marijuana, are present in the resins. According to NIDA, THC increases dopamine release in brain cells, which creates euphoria. It also affects how data is exchanged in the hippocampus, which is responsible for the creation of new memories in the brain. THC vape oil has the ability to generate altered thinking, hallucinations, and delusions. The effects last roughly two hours on average and begin 10 to 30 minutes after consumption.

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5 interesting facts about THC

Marijuana is known as the most popular mind-altering drug which has a long and interesting history.  Earlier, about 500 BC, it was used for medical purposes. Globally now it is consumed as a recreational drug as the various forms of weed. Many countries have declared this once-legal drug also illegal due to political forces. While we are not in a situation to engage in political debate, we can’t truly be impressed by the drug’s mass popularity. There are certain unknown and interesting facts related to weed.

Weeds on cancer: though smoking causes cancer, consuming and ingesting weed can also cure cancer. There is much research that has proven that marijuana can stop the further growth of different types of cancer.

Weeds with a favorite beer: the beer concludes hops, and blunt, which belongs to the same plant as marijuana.

Online selling: people might imagine that the beginnings of online purchasing can be traced to fashion or any fast-moving product. However, the very first e-commerce activity was the sale of marijuana, which was conducted by Stanford students in 1971!

Weed production in Iceland: people most of the time think that the Netherland and Jamaica have the highest number of populations that consume marijuana, but the actual fact is in Iceland almost 18% of the population are reported to use cannabis.

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William Shakespeare’s weed story: creative people believe that weed boost up creativity.  It has been determined that, in the pipe which was inhaled by William Shakespeare, many times it has been tested positive with weed.

Along with these amazing facts, here are several facts that are interesting and true for THC factors.

  • In Bhutan, weed was grown free, and there it was not used as smoke. Instead of that, pigs eat it as their regular food.
  • If someone wants to die by consuming weed, then the person needs to smoke about 680 kgs of weed, after which, within 15 minutes he or she will die. Therefore it is practically impossible to die due to marijuana overdose.
  • Studies say that marijuana is safer than tobacco and alcohol. A cigarette can have a 90% addition rate, whereas marijuana is even less addictive than coffee.
  • Weed was legal in India till 1985, after the year under the NDPS Act, it put into a ban under American government pressure.

5 fun facts about Marijuana

  • Cannabis are legal in Alaska since 1975 and it is still legal
  • Cannabis is used to force the cells of cancer to be frozen and stop them from spreading
  • At Mount Vernon, George Washington grew cannabis
  • Cannabis was first banned in California in the U.S
  • Over 2700-year-old cannabis were found in the tomb of china, and it was about 789 grams
  • The first internet selling and purchasing happened in 1971 of a bag full of cannabis
  • Bob Marley was buried after his death with his red Gibson guitar, an open Bible, and a cannabis bud
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Use of THC

Marijuana was used for medicinal purposes for over 3,000 years, according to the National Cancer Institute. From 2107, more than half of the US is using this as their medical treatment legally.   Several states have also made marijuana legal for recreational consumption. According to a 2016 study on mice, THC also has additional benefits, like it can be used as a memory enhancer if taken in a small dosage.


Marijuana’s characteristics make it a popular drug. It is, in fact, one of the most widely used illicit drugs on the earth. However, mental health advocates are concerned about these effects. According to NIDA, THC can cause a relapse in schizophrenia symptoms. Impaired motor skills are another potential side effect of THC consumption. Marijuana can make it difficult to drive or do other jobs for up to three hours after use, and it is the second most common psychoactive substance identified in drivers, after alcohol.







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