July 3, 2021


 5 Easy To Build Survival Shelters

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Going on an expedition to explore nature and its beauty can give us so much joy. Particularly nature lovers will nod their heads in affirmation- as they thrive in an outdoor setting covered by nature. The feeling you get on exploring and witnessing nature and its beauty is beyond comparison to any movie night or in-house party. 


You can do many activities that may bring you closer to nature, such as camping, hiking, skiing, etc. Experienced nature lovers prepare themselves before heading on to any adventure trip. If you are traveling solo or in a group, preparing yourself for unexpected events is crucial.  


Starving and dehydration can be the prime concern among people if things go out of plan. However, humans can live days without water and weeks without food. People often do not survive in the outdoors due to loss of body heat. Learning to start a fire and building a shelter can save you from such a situation. 


A survival shelter will prevent you from harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, and snow and protect your body heat. When you are in the wild, things can quickly get ugly and you may never know when you need to build a survival shelter of your own. Here are five easy-to-build survival shelters that you must know about:-


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A-Frame Tarp 


An A-frame tarp shelter is one of the simplest shelters, and you can build it in no time. Erect it closely to the ground so that you can get protection from rain and wind. Keeping it high above the ground will save you from the rain, but it can give passage for airflow beneath. Setting up an A-frame tarp may barely require 10 minutes or even less. 

To set up an A-frame, you need a rope or cord to tie a line between two trees. Adjust the height according to your need while tieing the rope and stretch the tarp over the line. Make sure that you tie down all four corners of your tarp, or else you can place logs and rocks on the ends of the tarp to hold it in place. 

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You may also need some essentials to carry along your adventure trips like a knife, rope, tarp, etc. If you frequently go hiking, fishing, camping, etc., you can subscribe to the outdoor subscription box. A monthly outdoor subscription box will contain all the products for your outdoor lifestyle. The outdoor kit may include gear, edibles, apparel, tools, and much more. 


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Wedge Tarp


A wedge Tarp shelter is apt for extreme windy weather conditions. The wedge tarps provide an aerodynamic shape that gives 360-degree protection from the constant prevailing wind direction. 


Wedge Tarp is a suitable configuration in case of bad weather. Set up the wedge tarp shelter by putting the two corners of the tarp into the wind. Afterward, tie up a line to the center of the opposing side of the tarp. Then, tie the remaining corners in the direction of the ground. It is best to use a lengthy cord and a less steep angle for proper ventilation and open wings. Lastly, fasten the last corner down effectively to make it weatherproof. 

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Lean To Debris Shelter


A Lean-to debris shelter is a simple design shelter, and you can easily construct it. It might take around an hour to build a lean-to debris shelter. You can secure a log or pole between two trees. Cover one side with branches, small sticks, bushes, etc. On top of it, place heap leaves, grasses, and small plants for a proper shade. 


However, it may not hold heat well and may leave you exposed if wind or rain changes direction. The structure of Lean to Debris Shelter is just like a house with half a roof and a single wall. It is a natural shelter that you can build with whatever is accessible to you in the wilderness.     


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You can build an A-Frame debris shelter as well, but it may take more time. 

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Round Lodge

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The round lodge shelter mimics the style of the tipi and wickiup. It has a cone-like structure along with a doorway. You can light a tiny fire too for heat and light as it has a smoke hole through the roof. Dead leaves, plants, branches can come in handy in covering the roof part. 

To build the round lodge shelter, you only need poles or logs to create the structure, and after that, you can cover the roof part with leaves and vegetation. If you need to set a tiny fire, ensure that plants and bushes used in the roof and around are green. 


Snow Shelter


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You may need to build a snow shelter for yourself if you ever find yourself stuck in the high elevated mountains or snowy environments. Snowstorms are lethal, and you may not have much time to build a snow shelter. You can create a quinzhee to protect yourself from the harsh snowy environment. Constructing a quinzhee is very easy- pile up snow up to 8 feet tall and hollow it from the inside. You can add branches to the roof of your quinzhee to maintain strength. A round-shaped quinzhee will not get damaged during a snowfall. 

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Refrain yourself from building a shelter near a damp place or ground. Always be prepared and keep yourself warm as much as possible. A bough bed can keep you warm enough in a cold and snowy environment. It is essential to lock the heat inside your body, or you can succumb to hypothermia


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