December 13, 2021


401k To Gold IRA Rollover Guide: 3 Steps To Take

If you have a 401k and you are now thinking about changing things up, then there is a chance that you’ve uncovered the option of investing in precious metals with your actual retirement savings. I can see what that option sounds appealing to you and I can definitely understand why you would want to do it, but here is my question for you. What will happen to your 401k if you suddenly decide to take a different route and open up an IRA instead? Well, this site can explain what will happen.

To cut right to the chase, you don’t have to worry about losing your money during this process, since you will actually be able to do a rollover and practically transfer all your money from your 401k to your gold IRA. Of course, this can sound like something rather complicated, especially since you have never done it in the past, which is why I can understand if you are a bit overwhelmed with everything. And, yet, things really aren’t that complicated and I’m sure you’ll figure that out all on your own once you get acquainted with the steps that you’ll have to take here.

When you have a list of steps in front of you, then it is definitely much easier for everyone to understand exactly what needs to be done with the aim of completing a certain process. This goes for every single thing you need to do, including the 401k to IRA rollover. The more complicated something seems to you, the more helpful those listed steps will be. In any case, you will undeniably mange to complete everything successfully if you end up following the right steps.

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Well, you are now most likely wondering how on Earth you can figure out which actual steps you need to take when looking to do a rollover. If that’s the case, then I have some good news for you. To say it simply, I will provide you with a list of those necessary steps below and that will definitely help you figure out precisely what you’ll have to do in order to successfully complete the rollover and add gold to your IRA.

The good thing about this process today is that there are various different guides you can find on the Internet and that can be quite helpful throughout the rollover procedures. For example, if you have a look at, you will definitely find out a lot more about those steps you should take than what you know now. As I’ve mentioned the steps, though, let us get back to our topic, since I’ll be telling you about what you should do in the rest of this article.

Choose Your SDIRA Custodian

A SDIRA, or a self-directed IRA, is the account that you will have to possess if you want to get the opportunity to invest in gold in the first place. Of course, choosing a custodian is also necessary, since you won’t be able to physically hold the gold that you have bought and you will, thus, need someone to do it for you, i.e. to provide you with storage. Additionally, these custodians will also provide you with some investment tips that you’ll absolutely need.

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The thing is, though, there are quite a lot of different SDIRA custodians out there. So, your task is to choose the best one for you and it goes without saying that you won’t manage to really do that without engaging in some amount of research. The trick is, of course, in knowing precisely what to focus on during the research, so that you can be absolutely certain that you have chosen the right custodian here.

Let me give you a few hints about that research process. First, you should focus on checking their experience, so as to pick an experienced company that will have enough knowledge to help you in this process. Then, you should also check their reputation, since you don’t want to work with untrustworthy firms. And, of course, you should have a look at the actual services they offer and their prices, because you want to pay a reasonably fee for what you’ll be getting. By focusing on all of those factors, you’ll be able to make the right choice.

Set Up The Account

After having picked out your custodian, you will need to proceed towards setting up the account before actually doing the 401k to IRA rollover. As explained previously, you will need to open a SDIRA, since no other type of account will actually allow you to invest in gold. Thus, make sure to take all the correct steps towards opening this specific account and let your custodian help you along the way.

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Learn About The Rollover Methods

Now, you’ll have to learn about the different rollover methods you can use, i.e. the direct and the indirect one. The direct one consists of you not even touching the money, since your 401k company will do a transfer to your IRA. The indirect one, of course, consists of you taking out the money from your 401k and then depositing it in your IRA within a specific time frame. When you get properly acquainted with both of these methods, all you will need to do is choose one of them and go through the rollover procedure. As you can see, it’s really not that complicated.


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