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4 Japanese Spices That Will Change Everything - Latest Marketplace
November 20, 2021


4 Japanese Spices That Will Change Everything

Over time, food lovers try numerous different cuisines and get a taste for certain foods. If you develop a taste for oriental food, you might struggle to make it at home.

One way to get over this hurdle is to understand the little things contained in oriental food that make it what it is. Japanese food, for example, is known for its special spices and condiments. If you can master some of these, you will be able to get your favourite Japanese food tastes and smells right in your home.

Here are four Japanese spices that will change your culinary skills.


This is made from combining several ingredients. This can be seaweed and shrimp to sesame seeds and eggs. Because the Japanese take a lot of pride in their culinary experiences, being able to make fresh spices for a meal is a plus.

You can add furikake for your sushi rice seasoning, as well as to season vegetables. This spice is easy to use, and you can sprinkle some on any food you would typically add salt and pepper to.


Lovers of hot food will absolutely love rayu. Rayu is a spicy oil made from diced onions, chili-infused sesame oil, and garlic.

If you are eating out, it’s good to note that some rayu is very hot while other versions are mild. So it’s good to get a small taste before spreading it on your meal.

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Yuzu Kosho

Japan has the luxury of having a wide variety of citrus fruits. Naturally, these have been used to create spices to add to numerous Japanese dishes.

Yuzu Kosho is one of these.

This spice is made with fermented chilies, salt, peppers, and yuzu, which is a Japanese citrus fruit similar to lemon, only more potent and with an appealing floral smell.

The result is a spicy, sour paste that can be added to braised meat and fish.

Shichimi Togarashi

This spice is also known as Nanami togarashi, and get this; it’s a blend of not two or three, but seven spices.

The typical ingredients to expect in a shichimi togarashi include hemp seeds, sesame seeds, red chili peppers, yuzu seeds, poppy seeds, ground ginger, rapeseed, seaweed, and orange peels.

Shichimi togarashi goes great with noodle dishes like udon and soba. You can also have it on your Western fish and burgers for an extra zing.

The Fun Part

This list gives you some of the commonly used Japanese spices that produce the flavours you love about Japanese food.

With these spices, you can get to the fun part of finding Japanese recipes to try out. Start with some simple ones as you gain more confidence in your Japanese culinary skills.

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