October 23, 2021


3 Biggest SEO Secrets Experts Want Everyone to Know

Brisbane continues to be one of the biggest economic hubs in Australia. Queensland’s capital city is recognised as a global city due to its numerous multinational financial services, large manufacturing centres, and high employment rates. Major companies and small and medium enterprises also increased all over the city, making the quest to be ahead of the competition extra challenging. Most companies rely on the digital marketing services of Brisbane SEO firms to help them stand out in their industry.

It is not unusual for SEO agency owners to encounter clients who demand more organic traffic to their websites. Entrepreneurs believe that it is the only gauge of a successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign. But in reality, the experts would recommend using different SEO techniques to yield better results. Here are several trade secrets SEO professionals know by heart to ensure that their clients achieve their digital marketing goals.

Always E.A.T.

Everyone loves to eat (E.A.T.), especially if you want your Google ranking to increase when working in Government, Law, Finance, Health, and News niches. However, it is not what you think about.

E.A.T. is actually an acronym for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. In other words, it refers to some of the factors that Google uses to check the website’s qualities. The largest search engine platform programs its algorithms to look for pages that help users in their queries. Any site or page that will not meet Google’s standards will end up in the lowest ranks of the SERP. As a result, it will reduce the website’s organic traffic.

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Verify SSL Certification

Some entrepreneurs spend a huge sum of money designing websites and expect to get immediate results. But most of these business owners have no idea about the processes involved in the web ecosystem. If they did not get the outcome they are after, they would leave their sites and look for other ways to market their business.

However, SEO experts would want business owners to reconsider their decision by checking if the website complies with the industry standards. Failing to do so could be why the campaign fails despite doing all the necessary SEO tactics. One of the most important items to ask your Brisbane SEO firm to check is the SSL Certification. It is a digital certificate that proves the website’s authentication and allows the encrypted connection.

If the website is SSL certified, Google will verify that it is a secure source of information. Users will choose to access the site instead of the unverified ones. As a result, it will increase the site’s organic traffic.

Content Is Not Exactly the King

For decades, digital marketers lived by Bill Gates’ statement that content is the king in the online world. But at the rate things are developing, business owners will notice that content is only a tool and the real decision-maker is the target audience.

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Knowing what the audience wants through extensive audience research can be the best way to get the attention of the target users. No matter how well-written and well-researched the content is, it will not get the traction it deserves if it is irrelevant to the audience. Learning what the audience is and giving them the answers to their questions can attract more users to visit your website organically.

These are some of the biggest secrets that SEO firms wish every company must know if they want to get the best out of their campaign. It will result in higher organic traffic rates and boost your chances of having higher conversion rates.


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