March 21, 2022


10 Top Educational Apps For Students

Who says learning is only efficient in the classroom? If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that online learning is the new way to learn. Educational apps have transformed our phones into virtual classrooms, efficient for learning – yet inexpensive and accessible.

All it takes is a good app for students and access to the Internet, for your “distraction-filled” mobile phone to be turned into an intensive, conducive learning space.

This article discusses some of the best learning apps for students in 2022.

Here’s our top 10!

1.     Google Classroom

The Google Classroom to date is perhaps the closest thing we have to a real-life classroom. The app allows instructors to create, and manage classrooms entirely online.

Students are allowed to join classrooms with permission, where they’ll benefit from course materials, assignments and follow-up – just like in a real-world classroom.

Are you a teacher?

  • Schedule and hold live video meetings.
  • Add course materials: pdf files, Youtube videos, Google forms, and any other material from your Google drive.
  • Provide real-time feedback.
  • Manage assignments and announcements.

Are you a student?

  • Follow up on classwork, track your progress, and participate in assignments.
  • Check your grades and receive feedback.
  • Interact with other students in the classroom or by email.
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2.     edX

edX is one of the leading providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Education that seemed accessible only to a fortunate few, edX has made accessible to everyone through the Internet.

Here’s what makes edX special:

  • More than 3000 courses, and 15 thousand expert instructors for the best learning experience.
  • Degrees aren’t only for Universities. edX now offers complete and affordable Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in a variety of fields, including Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, International Relations, etc.
  • edX also offers hundreds of boot camps for learners to opt for their skills in specific areas.
  • edX doesn’t fall short of professional certifications you can take, to move your career to the next level.


3.     Lumin PDF

Online Learning is hard without a good pdf editing tool. You need a pdf tool that lets you edit, annotate and manage your pdf files with ease. Lumin PDF is arguably the best PDF editor for students and for instructors.

Why choose Lumin PDF?

  • Effective pdf editing: Altering the text on a pdf file or adding new text is never easy. Most tools promise and fail to deliver pdf editing, NOT Lumin!
  • Efficient management of pdf files.
  • Ease of Use: Whether it’s editing a document, accessing your files, placing your signature, or sharing a document with students/collaborators, Lumin makes all of it much easier.
  • Google synchronization to take your files with you anywhere.
  • Pdf annotator for students.
  • Add comments for interactive communication, and provision of feedback to your students.
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Lumin PDF is one more tool you must add to your online learning toolbox.

4.     myHomework Student Planner

This is the leading cross-platform planner for better grades. To be at your best as a student, being organized is essential. But with the boatload of coursework and assignments on your plate, learning can get messy and overwhelming.

That’s why myHomework Student Planner is an important tool to have. The app allows sync across all your devices, so it’s easy to access and manage your work anywhere and anytime. Sort of a Google drive for students.

5.     Remind

Nothing sits you up more than a text from your instructors. Remind is an app that allows two-way messaging between teachers and students. Instructors can attach learning resources, forward class reminders, and engage with students individually – to provide much-needed additional support.

Remind is one of the best online teaching tools on the market.

6.     Khan Academy

A leading resource for self-paced learning. With instructional videos, a learning dashboard, and practice exercises, Khan academy is the ideal educational tool for learners of all ages.

Khan Academy offers a host of courses, with a focus on science, computing, maths, economics, history. The instructional videos and associated content make learning very effective.

Also track your performances or those of your learners with the teacher dashboard.

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7.     Duolingo

Need to learn a new language? Duolingo is the perfect answer. The best app for learning any language of your choice is Duolingo. They’ve made learning as personalized as possible – the experience of a private tutor.

The app makes learning fun through games, challenges, and exercises.

Duolingo is accessible anywhere in the world, letting you learn wherever and whenever you want.

8.      Quizlet

Tired of a C- In Algebra when all you really need is a B? Well, you literally ace all your tests with the help of the Quizlet app. Quizlet is an amazing app for students, and that’s why 90 of students who use the app report higher grades.

What’s unique?

  • Get step-by-step guides on how to solve difficult problems. 64 subjects with verified solutions from experts.
  • Flashcards to help students ace the hardest of exams
  • Create your own study sets to learn at your very convenience – anywhere you go.


9.     Udemy

Udemy is rising up the charts and stamping its authority as one of the top online learning tools on the market today. The focus of Udemy is skill acquisition. You can learn almost any digital skill online with the help of rich and expert Udemy courses.

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Why choose Udemy?

  • Udemy features 14k+ courses in some of the hottest, in-demand skills in the world.
  • Udemy is trusted by 10,500 businesses around the world for employee development.
  • Personalized learning lets you acquire fresh, competitive skills at your own pace and convenience.
  • Take Udemy courses wherever and whenever you like with the mobile app.


10. Kahoot

Who says learning can’t be fun and game-like? Kahoot is an online teaching platform that gamifies learning. A great application for 2022.

With Kahoot, you can create, play and share learning games for improved learning experiences. The best part, It’s effortless!

Why Kahoot?

  • Create cool games (‘kahoots’) in minutes. It’s up to you to define the number of exercises and game format. For more fun, also add images, videos, or diagrams to your games.
  • You can join a Kahoot (game) with the help of a unique PIN. Game questions are displayed on a big screen for players to respond on their own devices.
  • Learners/players can create and share their own Kahoots effortlessly.


Final thoughts

Truth be told, it’s super hard to completely replace the traditional classroom setting. Yet with the right apps, learning can be as effective. The pandemic has accelerated the growth of the ed-tech sector, leading to the creation of a host of online learning tools; we’ve just seen the best of them.

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